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Welcome to 5800 Dreams cattery! We are a small cattery located outside Chicago. Although we have specialized in Maine Coon Cats since 1991, we've recently added two more breed. Read more about us and our journey on our "About" page.

We are a very small cattery, only having litters occaisionally, but we're happy to share information about us and our breeds - just ask.

You may be curious as to why we named our site 5800 Dreams. Well it is a very inspirational story and we would be happy to share that with you should you send us an email someday. But for now explore our site, visit our cats and perhaps you will find a "Dream Cat" in your future!


GC, NW 5800Dreams
Sunny's Halo




All of our cats are registered with the
which is the the world's largest registry of pedigreed cats!
Please take a moment and visit the CFA Website
to learn more about cat shows, breeds and cat care.