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Our cattery was established in July 1991. We love our wonderful Maine Coon Cats and this was our original breed. We have shown them in both the United States and Europe. We are the home of Grand Champion, National Winner, Breed Winner 5800 Dreams Sunny's Halo, a beautiful brown classic tabby and white male and Grand Champion, National Winner Trutails Aces High of 5800 Dreams, a wonderful black and white male. These boys produce delightful, loving, large kittens for show and pets for sale!

Our primary goal is the improvement of the breed. Health and disposition are the number one and number two goals of our breeding program.

Recently, we have begun new journeys with two very different breeds.

The Russian Blue is one of CFA's original breeds and one which we have always been fascinated with. Our female came from Tylona cattery in Michigan and it's been such a great (and different!) experience watching her with her litter.

On the other end of the spectrum, we also now have one of CFA's newest breeds - the Lykoi. Popularly known as "the werewolf cat," their unusual coat and pattern is wonderful in a very different way than our other two breeds. Their sweet and sometimes goofy disposition makes us love them all the more! We can't wait to see where these two new paths take us!

We are located in Chicago, Illinois - right in the heart of the Midwest. Our kittens reside all over the country including, Indiana, Ohio, Wisconsin, Kentucky, New York, California and Tennessee. We prefer to hand deliver our kittens or arrange home pick-up. If that is not possible we will ship - weather permitting.